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How it all began.

Posted by Bruce Krumholz Jr on 26th May 2015

     Some businesses start out as a necessity, whether it is financial or otherwise.  Some businesses start out to compensate or accompany something else.  Every now and then though, a business is born out of pure passion.  CB Performance Parts is lucky enough to say it began because of affection for having fun!  We are a small, family owned business with a passion for going fast, whether it is on snow, water, street, or dirt.It all began because of my father in law, Bruce Krumholz Sr.  He seems to know something about everything with an engine.  I have grown to truly enjoy the sport of snowmobiling, so I got curious about his history with the sport, and what inspired him to build a business out of his hobby.

     I began with asking him where it all began.“The first snowmobile I ever rode was a 1968 Ski-Doo Nordic 640.  My family was on vacation in Wisconsin and my dad rented it for me to ride.  I was 16 years old.”  Then, the first snowmobile he owned was a 1973 Yamaha GP 643.  Not long after that a good friend of his, Doug, encouraged him to begin racing, competing in the SWSRA (Southern Wisconsin Snowmobile Racing Association) racing circuit years 1975-1981 on a 1975 Yamaha GPX 433.  Now he is still a part of the racing world, supporting his son, Matt Krumholz, each year at the Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby.  Matt has had some great successes every year for the past 5 years, winning countless trophies and titles, the most significant of which is in the 340 Liquid Cooled class on a 1976 Yamaha SRX, having come in first place every year.

     While he enjoys the racing side, Bruce talked about how his favorite aspect of the sport is the freedom he feels when out on a nice long trail ride, with no real agenda or goal in mind, just enjoying the scenery, sport, and some time with no worries about everyday stresses.  He would like to one day snowmobile in the Rocky Mountains, as most of his time has been around the state of Wisconsin.

     For more than a decade Bruce has successfully built CB Performance Parts to what it is today and I am proud to be a part of this awesome family and business.  We go boating on the Chain O’Lakes in Illinois throughout the summer, ride the jet skis and pontoon at the cottage in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, rack up countless miles on our snowmobiles each year, and support our many friends in their motorcycle adventures.  Each year I learn a little bit more about the various toys and sports, enjoying all of it a little bit more each year.

By: Jourdan Krumholz